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company history

Design Nine, Inc., was formed in 1986 by engineers from the former Missouri Pacific Railroad Company as a result of the merger with the Union Pacific Railroad Company. These engineers each brought 10 to 15 years of working experience from various sectors of the Missouri Pacific Railroad’s engineering department to Design Nine.  The combination of their individual talents was instrumental in the formation and the success of our company.   Their philosophy on engineering was to provide superior services to clients through years of experience and honed ability.  We are proud to say that, throughout our history, Design Nine, Inc. is still strongly rooted in the area in which we are the most qualified – railroad engineering.

Established in 1986

We are proud to say that throughout our history, Design Nine, Inc., has remained in the area in which we are the most qualified – railroad engineering.

We offer our clients a complete range of railroad related services, including:

  • Design, inspection, rating, and analysis of railroad bridges.
  • Feasibility studies, design, layout, and specifications for track construction and rehabilitation, auto handling and intermodal facilities, and switching yards.
  • Project services include construction inspection, monitoring, coordination, and quality control.

Our various projects to date have included work with major Class I railroads, regional and shortline railroads, switching and terminal railroads, and the industries that railroads serve. Presently, we have contracts to provide engineering services on an as-needed basis with the Union Pacific Railroad Company, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, CSX Corporation, Norfolk Southern Railway Company, Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis and the Alton and Southern Railroad.

We have also assisted regional and shortline railroads including:

  • The Iowa Interstate Railroad
  • The Indiana Rail Road Company
  • Red River Valley & Western Railroad
  • Tradewater Railway Company
  • Manufacturers Railway Company
  • Lincoln and Southern Railway Company
  • Indiana Eastern Railroad
  • Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
  • Illinois Western Railroad
  • Keokuk Junction Railroad
  • Genesee & Wyoming
  • Paducah & Louisville Railway
  • Various shortlines of RailAmerica and OmniTRAX

Our services are not just limited to the railroad industry. In fact, our expert engineers have provided services for spur tracks, industrial lead tracks, loop tracks for unit trains, plant layouts, plant expansions, plant renovations, track and bridge inspections, and evaluations for numerous large companies including ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Anheuser Busch, Nestle, Purina, Kaskaskia Regional Port District, to name a few.  We also worked on railroad projects for government entities including the City of Alton, Illinois, St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and many others!

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Design Nine, Inc. and its employees are proud members of the following:

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Design Nine is compliant with current FRA policies for on-track safety, bridge worker safety, and Class I railroad requirements. We work hard to ensure the safety of our employees by providing yearly fall protection training. Additionally, we maintain renewals with e-RAILSAFE, contractor orientations, and other industry requirements. We are also OSHA and TWIC certified and compliant.