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Welcome to our Company

Design Nine, Inc. is an engineering firm comprised of railroad engineers and support staff uniquely focused on providing engineering services to railroads and industries served by railroads.  We are centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri and serve all 48 contiguous states.  Our extensive railroad engineering experience, both within the rail industry and as a railroad industry consultant over the last 30 years, allows us to be competitive in our services.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients with complete solutions to their specific railroad related projects.  These characteristics are what make us unique!

We Are Highly Qualified in our services

Design Nine offers a wide range of railroad consulting services and experience in design and inspection for railroads and industry.

We provide the professional engineering services needed to complete every project to your satisfaction. Our expertise and vast rail experience will provide you with complete and cost effective solutions.

01.our history

Design Nine, Inc., was formed in 1986 by engineers who possessed three things; over a decade of individual railroad industry experience, a determination to create a company built on excellent skills, service and integrity, and the desire to assist our clients in creating superior railroad facilities.


We have a talented team of engineers and support staff who work tirelessly to complete your project to your satisfaction.

03.our mission

Design Nine, inc. provides our clients with the highest quality services by applying our skills and expertise to the area in which we are most qualified, railroad engineering.

Our Services

Technical Services

We handle everything from cost estimates, feasibility studies, technical specifications, bid documents and more.

Railway Engineering

We handle a variety of services related to railway facilities, industrial trackage, and surveying.

Structural Engineering

We provide complete engineering services for the structural design and preparation of construction documents for railway bridges, unloading pits, locomotive maintenance pits, retaining walls, and much more.

providing personalized and high quality services.