Providing Engineering Services for all aspects of your track construction project

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  • Industry Leading Expertise

    Design Nine is widely known for our extensive knowledge and capabilities in Railway Engineering.

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  • Dedication to Our Clients

    We take pride in our work and our ability to see your project through from concept to completion.

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  • Safety Assurance

    Our Engineers are trained and committed to performing our work safely and efficiently.

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  • Conceptual Planning

    We produce conceptual track layouts and feasibility studies as needed to ensure a strong start to any project.

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  • Inspection & Survey

    We perform the field engineering needed to obtain information on the project site and gather existing topographic features.

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  • Track Design

    We utilize project site information to design new track facilities and create plan sets and other docs needed to perform construction.

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  • Structural Rehabilitation

    We examine structures related to railroads, such as bridges and unloading pits, to provide detailed analyses and recommended maintenance.

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  • Construction Support

    We perform construction staking surveys and conduct construction inspection and reporting to document construction progress.

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  • Drafting Services

    We provide the drafting services needed to create and maintain all plans, specifications and other documents required to complete a project.

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    Railway Engineering Services for your track construction project

    Our expertise and vast rail experience will provide you with complete and cost-effective solutions.

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